WEYV Units are a perfect way to tailor your subscription to best fit your family's needs. Each station, playlist and album uses 10 WEYV Units and each magazine uses 5-15 WEYV Units. For example, every time you play a station, 10 WEYV Units are pulled from the pool of Units in your group's account. When you stop the station the WEYV Units are placed back into your account to use again.

When you are listening to music and reading a magazine simultaneously on the same device, the app will only use the number of WEYV Units associated with the highest-valued content. For example, if you’re listening to a song that uses 10 WEYV Units while reading a magazine that is 5 WEYV Units, you will only be consuming 10 WEYV Units.

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How WEYV Units Work 04.20.17(web / general launch)